Who’s knows anything about psychedelic therapy?

I think I might-a broke my man brain. I just need some relief so if anyone has access to any research papers that address said topic I would appreciate it. I know there’s a lot of bro science based on personal results I’m just trying to not fuck myself up worse.


Found this

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I like big thinks stuff. No to answer your question you would have to get I. A study to actually get the real therepy they allow or go underground with it. It’s nothing like tripping with friends you wear eye covers and they use headphones for music that helps and try to lead you through issues. I’m currently using
Ketamine for to stop suicidal thoughts. I did the clinic first go round but the cost is just so much. So now I get mine black market. I did two seperate nights one weighed out line recently and have been fine a few weeks last time with the medical way I got a good 4-5 months from start of treatment till thing crept back up. If I can make it a month or two on using 1/4 a gram then financially I’m saving about 4 k haha


I will also say I seperate the k use from any type of recreational fun stuff. I’m not trying to make it a vice but actualy use as medical help. Shrooms used to help me but recently maybe cuase I tend to do solo trips I don’t feel I get much out of them anymore

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Also they are just now really letting them do research on this as they are still illegal compounds and everything is super regulated. I look for mdma to be the first to be made legal for therapeutic uses and psilocybin to follow. The only reason ketamine is available is it already was deemed to have medical uses so going off label was t as hard to get it approved for depression treatment.

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IMHO Limit your interest/research to micro dosing.


Actually they don’t do micromdosing for the therapy it’s an all out trip to help with depression if that’s the issue. Also to op if it is depression I would suggest taking break from the weed for extended period. That can help wi th depression and anxiety at first but long term use can actually make it worse in people

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So they actually do use it as an adjunct to traditional psychotherapy.

Micro dosing can also facilitate treatment a bunch of issues outside the need for talk therapy.

As you pointed out…this is a very nascent treatment. The training and protocols are still in development.

(I follow this stuff a little b/c I was a neuropsychology major)
( also not clappin’ back, as the kids say)

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You ain’t gonna get banned brother

Oh I know I would actually love to take part in an actually therapy session that way people quit telling me I’m
Ruining thier trip when I start telling why I am the way I am haha.
The only one I wouldn’t do In clinical setting is the mdma I enjoy that too much recreationally and honestly I’ve never felt that too much liek I want to talk my issues on that I just want to party


Oh, don’t be that guy…haha

It sounds like you could though with an open minded willing doctor, if so inclined to find.


Go straight to Hopkins research info. Either one of the McKenna brothers. How to change your mind is a great book.

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I mean yeah but I like to seperate fun drugs and help drugs. I don’t like blurred lines. I either use drug for fun or I use for medical purpose. Since shrooms. Stopped helping me ei stopped using them off course so found a past I like bettter for having fun. Alatthou g t the inventor wanted to use it Clinically with MDMA

Hands down
Totally agree
I’m too old to recreate with the stuff and I ain’t got time anyway to sit around and trip balls.
Has there been a therapeutic dose or regimen established?
Sooo many questions

Dude that’s my kinda experience bro…. I love a good deep dive in someone else’s insanity for a change… l

Have you done DMT?
I want to bro, bad

I have it’s not really a thing I would say helps with depression. I will preface that by saying it’s also not as easy to get to break through dose as they make it seem. You got to really push through like those last few reps your already flying but you got ti take that next rip to get there And for microdosing I .2-.3 grams is about doses I’ve heard used for daily consumption of shrooms that would also be dependent on what type of shroom

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.3-.5 g. Rotating on/off. 3on two off. 4 on three off. For micro doses.

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I’m looking at 30 caps @250 mg per cap $300?
Seems high to me, no pun intended