Up to 30% off local brands: odin, hutech, and saxon pharma

We’re so pleased to offer you up to 30% OFF on Odin, Hutech, and Saxon pharma brands! All these include local availability. Please don’t miss out on this amazing offer!

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That’s a solid discount 30%


Once again 30% off im interested in Odin
I saw the testing and the proviron looked really good to me I might need to enquire at 30% off

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Hello community! Discounts are already included on page but we want to sweeten the deal!

Use code: Ugmuscle

For an additional 20% OFF the whole thing!



lets see how it goes. so far so good

Is this still working the 30% off Odin etc and 20% off ugmuscle?? @roid1000

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Hi Unique. The discounts for Odin are included on the website and the 20% off ug is then applied! Hope this helps.


Thanks and it applies to hutech and Saxon?

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