Tuchdown psl and clusters new log

Psl came through gonna run high test and anadrol maybe just a little npp for my knee
Here we go fellas


Get after it!

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Cant wait!

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I know you’re busy with your birds… maybe put some thought into how to get the most bang for your buck gym wise.

Scratch something out… that’ll cover most of the bases at 3 x a week in gym… or every other day.

Not judging anyone else by any stretch but I can’t stand being in the gym much longer than 40 minutes…45 absolute tops on a squirrely day. Usually about 30 minutes.

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Excited to see how you do with this run :slight_smile:


Yes sir ive been getting my ass kicked out here but im gaining back on work getting to eat more im excited about this run and my dads out of the hospital so that helps w the office work anyways but im open to ideas on this kind of thing from anyone here just dont judge by my last couple weeks :upside_down_face:

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Just me… and it works for me…

During the summer and/or when life is keeping me busy and/or I’m just being a lazy azz. It seems to work for backing down…ramping up or as a maintenance phase.

Training supersets hiit with weights and days in between some sort of conditioning.

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A general overview of my maintenance time saving training


Heavyish pull downs x 12-14

45 degree back raises x 10

Shrug high pulls x 12-14

45 secs tmil at 3.3mph

3 rounds zero rest

Heavy abs x 10

Rows x 12

2 rounds no rest

Circuit city

Belt squats 3 plates narrow stance x 12-14

Cg bench 135 x 10-12 kind of fast

3 rounds… bout 30 seconds rest between rounds

YTW’s/face pulls/ triceps/ biceps/neck/abs x bunch

2 rounds


50 whacks on heavy bag

20 standing crunches on cable

45-60 secs tmil at 3.2mph

All with gloves on zero rest.

4 rounds plus warm up

Neck x some


Dips tricep dom x 12-14

Banded incline press/fly x 12

Belt squats x 14

X 3 rounds no rest

YTW’s triceps biceps x bunch x 2 rounds


Ohp some x some

YTW’s x bunch

Tricep push downs x bunch

Biceps x bunch


Keep in mind. I train in my own gym that is set up just for me. My stations are less than 6 steps apart with no waiting.

I can bust most of them out in under 30 minutes with zero rest.


I love it that looks great thank you poppy

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This made me realize your in better shpe than me as far a cardio goes :laughing: this is a good circuit im tired

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That is 5 separate training days. Extracted From a month or two.

Some examples of circuits and an example of conditioning.

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Let’s go!


Its still impressive to me anyways that you do all that spread out or however you do all that man ive said it before if i could reach your age and be half as bad ass as you ill be definitely proud :clap:


Sounds like you got a good plan going.For the knee have you used glucosamine before?


For my elbow I used bpc-157 mixed with TB-500 that was wayyyyyy better then anything else I’ve ever used for my elbow.


Im the same way @Poppy no more then a hour then the civilians and their nasty ways and their cramping my style eats me alive

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Ive never tried either but from what ive read its good like you say


Lol and i am 1

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