Touchdown from the Good Church

Got a few more goodies today. Main one I can’t wait to try is the Test/Deca/Mast blend. So as I ramp up my doses I’ll be adding the blend in. I don’t do well with anything with fast acting esters. The blend is 200mg Test E, 200mg Deca, and 200mg Mast E per ml. Many thanks to @GearChurch for the many blessings :raised_hands:


My “blessings” are on the way.

I looked at that blend. Keep us posted.


I was thinking about starting a log for it. I started this week bumping everything up. This week will be 500mg Test and 300mg of Deca. From there I’ll jump to 900mg Test, 400mg of Deca, and 400mg of Mast per week. No orals. Then I’ll drop down to 500mg of Test and 200mg Tren per week.


Just sent for my vacation bible study needs today


YayYay! I’m going to try to get at least one more order in on this sale. It’s been too good to miss out on.


I would love for you start a log!

My favorite part of this site.

Not repping for gc but that cyp is going for the cheapest I’ve seen in a long time.

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I have so much test but it’s hard not sticking but I’m
Trying not to have so much on me
At one time

And it runs hot. My labs are always a little beyond what they should be.

I’m only a few hours away. And if you move near Asheville you’ll be even closer. I don’t mind to help you keep from wasting any

Oh once my doses up the vials suddenly disappear

And some syringes

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That’s all I got is GC product…

That’s the majority of mine. I have a couple of a couple others but the majority came from the good pastor.


Same Here. I have said for years, I love gym shoes, Straight on “old makers that came back” Jordans that were not that big of a deal, Back then…But I always go to my favorites. Black suede ponys, or pumas, That dark red Converse…I have the 4 lb lebrons, Or when I walked into (finish line?) and there were 2 jordans, not special. All Blue was one of them. both 11’s and I had to search hi and low for the matching ones. 27.99. Anyway, Some bottles or special mixes look good but then you have the "everyday, I know how this is gonna feel, stuff. G has been excellent since the beginning.

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