The Ozempic Files

Good evening everyone. As some already know, I’m a struggling type 2 diabetic with a whole lineage of type 1’s on my dads side of the family. I’m trying to curtail all the nasties that go along with it. I dropped my a1c last year quite a bit but the diet was unsustainable…most of y’all top my daily carb/sugar intake with breakfast.

On my last checkup a month or so ago, I had lowered my a1c back into the mid 7’s… that was more than a full point higher than my best BUT the diet leading up to my 7’s wasn’t ridiculous and after a long chat with my pcp WE decided to add ozempic into my medicine protocol. I’m hoping this will help get my a1c down to an acceptable (sustainable) level. I would be ecstatic with mid 6’s.

There’s a positive side effect of weight loss so that can’t hurt either. The problem with that is it can make you hypoglycemic which is extremely dangerous. It curbs your hunger/cravings and makes you feel “full” longer. it also might give a touch of heartburn. I know all this because there’s someone in my life that’s been on it for a few months now and has lost ~15 pounds or so without exercising.

I’m starting on .25mg a week for 4 weeks to assess tolerance. Then it will be .5mg for another 4 weeks. I’m hoping that’s where I’ll stay. My doc says it goes to 2mg a week (primarily) for weight loss purposes.

Below is from the web.

Semaglutide, sold under the brand name Ozempic among others, is an antidiabetic medication used for the treatment of type 2 diabetes and long-term weight management. Semaglutide acts like human glucagon-like peptide-1 in that it increases insulin secretion, thereby increasing sugar metabolism.

I’ll be tracking progress in my award winning log. Here: Old Mans Updated Progress


Sounds like a plan.keep us updated.And just think weight loss with no exercise,a miracle drug.


Hahaha it’s borderline dangerous imo. Just gotta be mindful of food intake.


Fyi. It comes in a multiuse pen with a dial to select dose. You have to swap out the little baby needles every time.


Sounds convenient



This is the stuff that neuro said his coworkers would pass out on


Yep yep…very dangerous stuff. I’m going to be careful with it.

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Your a responsible guy. Sure you’ll do fine. Hope it gets your A1C in the mid 6 s for tou

Well So far I can feel the effects… I took a (subq) dose yesterday evening…went to bed. Everything was uneventful… woke up not ravenous like I usually do…opted for a cup of coffee first rather than breakfast. I ate my usual breakfast (1/2 cup oats, 2 scoops isolate, 1 tbsp of pb) at 5:30ish. An hour later…it feels like I’ve eaten a whole steer. I’m stuffed… usually my breakfast feels me up sufficiently but not overly so. I was told that this is how it works.

Monitoring all this very closely.


Been reading some this morning. Apparently you can get the ozempic pen from many different places…non scripted.

Also there’s a shortage because it has proven to be a great weight loss instrument.

My pharmacy (walmart) took a couple of weeks to get mine. They said demand was very high.

Some people speculate people will use this more and more as a weight loss tool in the fitness industry. I believe some TRT clinics are already prescribing it.

I believe it’s about there…

Probably be some deaths associated with it… folks passing out behind the wheel or going hypo in their sleep.

I’m a little more than 12 hours into it and the appetite suppressant is definitely there.

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And your only on 0.25mg weekly so far? You might not ever eat again on 2mg lol

Haha right!!!

I decided to change the title of this thread and post here…all things relating to my ozempic experience.

So far on 2 weeks of assessment dosages, the biggest thing I’ve noticed is mild heartburn :heart_on_fire:. It’s mostly in the evening after supper. A bit unusual for me as I haven’t had it in ~20 years…since I lost 200lbs of ugly fat…divorce from first wife.

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This morning within 10 mins of rising after pee and crap… bw was 203.2


This stuff is weird. Had a very small supper and feel like I swallowed a beach ball. I usually eat a full plate of this dish but had 1/4th tonight.

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Repost this hear as well. The whole “kit”. It comes with a handful of one use needles.