Roidshop Lab Tests Results for Odin Pharma

Hey Community!

Here is our OWN Lab Test reports for Odin Pharmaceuticals in partnership with Aktin Biotech Labs.

We are one of the few sponsors that do independent LAB Test Reports at out of our own pocket. Why you ask? Because we want the best quality gears for you!

Our quality control standards are the highest. We are highly against fake or underdosed gear because it reflects poorly on us.

We know a few brands might offer tests themselves but we want to be 110% sure that we do double quality control to reach complete certainty that we are getting the best/ purest gear.

We want to show our clients that we are completely transparent and honest.

Please visit us and check out our Odin offerings

Attached are all our lab tests.


I thought that those were commas in between the numbers its actually a decimal point.

Everything is looking good

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Thanks for posting!

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Yeah stupid other countries using commas

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Appreciate you brother!

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There isn’t anavar on the website though

on roidshops site? there is 100% var on that site. I just inquired about some brother.

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Odin var?

We’re currently out of stock of anavar at the moment