New year specials

Ok @ugmain I’ve been getting emails about coaching.


We are looking to fill 3 spots for our January Specials and wanted to roll this out now due to people starting to slip this time of year on their New Year goals (Resolutions).

$100/MONTH FOR NUTRITION AND GEAR. BI WEEKLY CHECK INS. This plan includes a full supplementation protocol also and email support. (NORMALLY $(150/MONTH)

$175/MONTH FOR NUTRITION, TRAINING, AND GEAR. This plan includes weekly check ins if needed, cardio programming, and also a complete gear and supplication protocol. With a rotating nutrition menu and to learn Macros (flexible eating)

All plans in are minimum 3 months.

If you are interested please send me a message and I will send you more info! This special is only good until spots are available. Happy new year and we look forward to working with you!


Hell ya


You’re a stud

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I would sign up but the list of things I can’t/won’t do is way longer than things I can/will do.

You would be frustrated with my dismissal performance.

I’m exhausted….


Thanks my man

Incredible physique!!!


Lookin good

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There’s plenty you can chamge just with training protocols no extra gear