My blood work I’m getting done this week

I think this covers most everything


Still not letting me schedule apt so I’m just going to call tomorrow about driving up Wednesday in morning for it

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Quest, you can visit any location in any state. Not sure if they are all by appointment. Mine still is. No cholesterol? That’s one I check x2 a year. I do bloods probably 3x a year . Mainly to check that my test is dosed correct because I change ugls every cycle because I’m a ugl whore, and to check my hemocrit on EQ, and cholesterol.

My cholesterol is always high,by the time it goes down ,I’m starting another cycle. I like to make sure it goes down in between cycles, not stay Elevated. Because it will only keep going up from thier.


I’ll just show up no apt and make them take me.

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Lipids is cholesterol

Glad to see you getting psa​:+1::+1::+1:

If this looks alright I’ll probably just do 4-8 week cruise and then get back at it cause honestly I just want health good enough to push hard I’m not worried about dying young I want that


My life not yours 45 is plenty long for a person jot procreating

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Oh absolutely. I’m all about it. You can do as you please.

I’m of the opinion that you have way more to offer the world.

You can choose whatever path you want to walk down. No judgment…just…well…none of my business.

Things could change but people say if you don’t enjoy something why do it. I don’t really enjoy living day to day so juat try and do things enjoy even if detrimental to health and make th e time here as good as it can be for a person who doesn’t really really feel happyiness

Understand completely.

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I’ve read many of this guy’s things.

He did end up blowing his brains out as an old man.

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If I had the ability to write he and I would have lead similar life’s haha

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You ever see fear and loathing in las vegas? Movie with Johny depp.

I like the idea of going hard on blast. Why i don’t add anything to my trt in the off time . So I can tren hard.


Yes back home the bar tenders called me the lawyer as I always just some of the lost random drugs in me for use

I’m just waiting to die in my sleep too. The only thing that comes to mind that saddens me, is someone else will be dicking down the ladies I leave behind .

Myself, I don’t enjoy my job, I hate paying taxes out of my paycheck . I say a big middle finger once I die to the state. Can’t tax my now.

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Getting mine done next week

This thread hurts my heart.

Happiness is something that is so very attainable. It’s always right there, ready to be embraced.

It is not something given to all.

Some have to work for it really, really, really hard for a piece of it.

Some have to create it for others and bask in it vicariously.

Some meet a person they never even knew existed and find it instantly.

The common link here is the need to be Open to finding it….Be open to the things we what makes us more likely to make/create/find it.