Must Read Before Ordering Bloodwork for Testosterone

When ordering labs for testosterone be sure NOT to order the Hormone Panel (MALES ONLY). This panel uses a “standard immunoassay Testosterone Total serum test” which when on synthetic test will give a skewed inaccurate result. It even comes with the following warning”

“Use of synthetic steroids, various supplements and/or high doses of biotin may interfere with the accuracy of the standard immunoassay Testosterone Total serum test included in this panel. If you are taking any of these it is recommended that you order a panel that includes the Testosterone LC/MS-MS methodology for testing.”

The test you want to order is the hormone panel for females, as it will use the lc/ms-ms twist and will give accurate results (or any panel that uses the lc/ms-ms - there are lots).

I know this to be true on a first hand basis as I accidentally ordered that test because it said it would report up to 3000 and come back much quicker than the lc/ms-ms. When I got my bloods back on 300mg my results were around 950. I thought something was weird because I definitely felt good on the test, so I was skeptical and that’s when I went back and read and found that notice on the male panel. When I restested with the female my results came back at 1500+ and right in line.

I know this to be true for labsmd, but am not sure about privatemdlabs, as their male panel says “Equilibrium Ultrafiltration” as the test and I am not sure if that’s the same as the immunoassay or not. Theirs does not have the warning message about synthetic test usage. Either way I would not risk it. Just spend the little extra and get the lc/ms-ms test no matter what. That way you can be sure your results are correct and you aren’t possibly innacurately accusing sponsors of something.

Hopefully this read helps out both members and sponsors. It’s a very easy mistake to make as you would THINK the MALE panel would be fine, which it is if you get the “hormone panel for males” just not the “Hormone Panel (MALES ONLY). Why they’d name two so close together I have no clue.

@SemperFi @Bigmurph @TG @PHD not sure if this can be sticky’d In this section but may be a good thing to keep at top.


Common mistake, some labs do infact run it accurately under the male panel. But it’s always best to just go with the female panel, gives you more info anyway.


It’s been pinned indefinitely at the top of it’s category. Thank you for the important information @Fitraver

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To clarify, it is the “Hormone Panel (MALES ONLY)” on that you do not want. The “hormone panel for males” uses lc/ms-ms and is fine just like the female but way more expensive as it gives you igf, thyroid, lipids etc - so if you want all that you can get that one. This may be what you referee to @Islandswole and as long as hey read right at the office you’d get correct results.

I will edit the original post as well.

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For you lol. I dont make those mistakes :wink:


Fuck off!!! Hahaha I swear that warning message was not there when I ordered :joy::joy::joy: I’m gunna tell myself It just got added

So what this post should say is “make sure you read… in general” lol

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Lol I thought it was common knowledge to order the female panel. @Bigmurph is always telling people on here.


This is true

I can say that the home tests they sell work also if you’re not using a service like privatemedlabs

Order the blood test not saliva the saliva is good if you’re in a state that doesn’t allow blood tests at home or a service like privatemedlabs

The home tests allow for full female hormone panel or to save money you can just test e2 or progesterone or both in one very convenient but costly

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Thanks for the input brother!

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When would I want to test for my first run?

What are you running and what is your dosing schedule?

Test E 175 mg twice a week.

You will want to be on at least 4 full weeks. Push to 5 if you can wait then pull bloods at start of week six. If you are pinning Monday am and Thursday pm, then you will want to take your Monday pin as usual then pull bloods on Wednesday or Thursday morning (48-72 hours after Monday pin but before doing the Thursday pin). Then you can pin that Thursday night. Your number should come back around 5x your dose, so about 1750+ is what would be good numbers on your 350/wk.


Thanks! I was thinking around week 4 but wasn’t sure.

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The important part is the pinning protocol I outlined before drawing. Follow it.

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Great post dude you are the leading authority in this department hands down :wink:

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Would I just need to go to my primary doc and ask for this test or is there an easier way?

No no no haha. Unless your primary doc is your buddy and knows you’re on steroids lol. In that case lucky you cuz you can use insurance. You gotta use labsmd or privatemdlabs online. If you’re in a restricted state then that just sucks. But there’s only a few. Process is simple and common sense once on the site.

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It sucks we have to jump through hoops just to make sure we’re in the clear