Master USA tomorrow gents

Hey UG family. Tomorrow is the day. I’ve worked all year on what the judges wanted me to fix. Let’s see if it pays off. I feel very confident this year I’m at peace and I’m in a great spot in life. My coach has been here with me to monitor each meal and it’s been the perfect situation!

I wait to thank @Omegaman for all he has done to take care of my gear protocol. Literally the best gear on the market. Seriously if you haven’t tried his product I would give it a try. It’s speaking for itself with me and several top athletes on national level and pro ranks!!

Also want to thank Tru Metabolix. Guys our health is all we have. Please take your organ health serious while on gear! Heart, liver, kidney, mind. If you haven’t ordered yours yet again what are you waiting for???


Here is some wild pics from yesterday before meal 6!! And the bottom set of pics is from earlier this week after my pump workout


Wow you look fantastic. Go get after it big boy.


You look amazing!
Give ‘em hell! :fire:


Fuck yeah I got one friend competing today locally Barry friend going for natty pro card in Florida and my coach and his girl competing in pl today so many people going to get the w’s. Can’t wait to see that fold around your neck brother


I talk shit, but i dont lie. Since, I’ve been following you, here it comes, legs look sreamlined and just great. Satorius is out, and everthing looks separated. Back! Thicker, delts look as big but dont block out or take eyes from back. Arms, man front delts are not so big that your biceps get taken out. Which means your arms improved. Bis and tris! From those pics you look 205 with same conditioning… I wanted to see front🤔but from the freakin veins in your back and abs, I rather wait until your posing in center at the end. Its bbing, but I cant see a master competitor besting you in light heavy. No way. Lat spread looks like whole different dude. Pretty excited for you. 6 weeks and today are the fun days imo. Every class winner gets in? Good luck!


Ive been saving my Omega products for that 1st Arnold classic prep​:crazy_face::crazy_face:… Fuck it im crackin them open. I can still feel “being on TRT plus” ! Whatever your TRT means.


Hahahaha my man. Crack that shit open and get it. Thanks bro overall winners get card.


Wont matter. The USA was always behind! Guys winning the USA and get nothing. This dude JJmarsh won overall and ahem, couples overall. Nothing. Thank God Bikini saved BBing. Whatever, just win the F-, in thing. “youve paid your dues” remember that line!!


You look great.
Will be cheering you on.


Wow. Looking great. You got this bro!


According to the schedule, judging starts at 9:00 am sunday…. Finals are 4 pm. I’m assuming that’s west coast time.

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Wow!!! Really just Incredible! I will be routing for you!