Israel conflict

So I like to get everyone’s opinion on the Israel situation.

Will this spiral out of control? Is Israel right or wrong in their response?

What about all this televised hatred of Jews? Has it been simply been dormant and is now rising again?



I’m thinking you really really like spinning me up! Hahaha

More to follow as usual


My opinion??? Our government sucks. And has for many years and we haven’t Marched for that yet.


I value your opinion Poppy. You always seem fair in your judgements.

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I’ve posted maps above and going from memory on my narrative.

Apologies for spelling

The brits controlled pallastine through ww2. Afterwards the borders were drawn for the arabs and jews to live in what is now known as isreal. Jerusulum was going to be a standalone “international” city to be cohabited by both.

The day after the brits pulled out… the arab nations full on attacked the jews. As you can see on the original map drawn by the international community… the arabs had a bunch of territory.

After the first arab/jewish war (1948) that the arab nations started… the jews captured oodles more ground along with a large portion of jerusalem.

Stupid arabs should have left well enough alone.

Go to the 6 day war in 1967… the arab nations again amassed an extremely large army surrounding the jews. The jews (I believe) had a preempted strike… again gaining even more territory.

Stupid arabs just don’t learn.

In 1982 a peace accord was struck and the jews gave back a bunch of captured land to include the sinae peninsula.

As near as I can tell the arabs are squatters living on captured land… probably should behave theirselves. No one wants the pallestenians… egypt… jordan… iran… lebanon… turkey… heck those folks over there can’t get along with anyone.

Moral of the story….LEAVE THE JEWS ALONE…


I’ll bet very few of the pro pallestenian/arabs freaktard protesters know all this.

The arabs consider isreal little satan and the United States big satan and want all of us dead. The islamic scripture states it.

Some of my dates might be off a bit but that’s the basic history.


There’s two types of muselims…

Radical ones as you seen on oct 7th that want to kill all of us

The moderate ones that want the radical ones to kill all of us.

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And yes… that place is a tinderbox. Who knows how many unaccounted nukes are floating around.

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My stance get rid of them all fuck it they won’t get along fighting over fake religions.

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This isn’t true there are many great muslim people

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You do know the difference between muslim and islam? Google it…

Google says a Muslim is a person who practice Islam maybe you can show me another definition. Cause all the people I know who practice Islam say they are Muslim and they don’t hate the us they live here. Also the scripture part show where in their scripture the US is mentioned.

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Poppy I think you meant to use the term Islamist not Muslim

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My comment about moderate and radical was kind of a joke…

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Deep into the theology of it all… actually there’s more likeness between christian islam and judedism (sp)…jews… then are differences.

Abraham is the basic father of all.


Funny one at that. I didn’t know if I was allowed to laugh at it or not though…,

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Dip shit Biden and his band of commies will have us fighting WWIII here in the USA. I hope I’m wrong and Isreal kills all the radical assholes that started the war on 10/07. I honestly think the Biden crew wants WWIII so they can stay in power and cancel the election and turn the USA into another China.

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Not a thing