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Hello community it’s Lex here with

We are so excited to have finally arrived here where we can talk directly to our community. As a token of our appreciation to all of you, we’re starting out with a BANG

From today until July 19th get 20% OFF your ENTIRE enquiry with CODE: ROIDSHOP20 at checkout
Additionally for those of you enthusiasts we’ll give you an additional 15% OFF with bonus.





Where’s everyone at how’s @roid1000 doing any members giving him a shot I believe that you should take a look he is our newest sponsor


My thing is I liked at site and there are already so many sponsors that carry same brands and it seems. To be a lot of issues arising from going through third party. Unless outrageous sales I’ll stick to the going straight to the person that puts their brand on product going forward. Nothing agains this new sponsor this can’t be edited or deleted if seen as negative


Why would you think that it would be?

Or your just telling the sponsor?

I was saying nothing bad about this sponsor in particular just reasons why I doubt they see my enquiry. I just can see why maybe they wouldn’t like that I put in their thread


Gotcha I didn’t understand why you thought that it might be erased I wouldn’t erase that its your personal opinion

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Hello Dirtnasty! I completely understand your concerns regarding brands and issues from third parties. All we want is a fair shot from the community and a chance to prove our quality and service. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Thanks!