IGF-1LR3 Experiences

I’m three weeks into my cycle & found some quality IGF-1LR3 so I’m going to throw that into my cycle next week but I wanna hear y’all’s experiences with the substance. Benefits, downsides, would you run it again & what dosages did you run?


I did did 40 a day I think for like 3.5 weeks seemed to work well as I was using while on cruise def felt full would use again jaut never ordered more. Maybe if I’m light enough I’ll add it for a little
Thing extra at end of meet prep. It’s nothing magical liek soem tried to make it out to be. Then again it’s not like at ky size I’m goignto gain anything crazy


Years ago I ran it with gh and loved it. Editing this to give a warning, I also got scammed on Phil Hernons bullshit fake crap years ago too lol. So sources mean everything in this. I may just give it a go again soon.


Personally I don’t see the point in using the stuff. You get all that and more from insulin and gh.