I’ll Buy You Fly AND Our Newest Generation

I work with/for some very young folks. Our newest batch of college grads that came in this time last year are 23-24 years old.

I made the offer to buy donuts for our team if one of them would go get them.

They had never heard “I’ll buy you fly”… not a one of them.

They explained to me they would use some sort of food delivery service and pay with some sort of cash app. I hadn’t heard of any one of the ones they mentioned.

Lordy I’m getting old.


The fella I report to just turned 30….

I also work with a lot of younger people, sometimes they leave me with very little hope for the future unfortunately lol

It is ironic how technology is leaving for dead many traditions and cultural norms we are use to….I guess next time just say “you Dash and I’ll Venmo” :laughing:

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I walked the tractor out of the hole


Fuckin young punks