Blood work and testing

How’s everyone we would like to create a blood work and a testing category. So if its a labmax test a roidtest or your blood work pre, mid ,and post cycle this is now the section to post it in.
I hope that even if anyone has older blood work if they could post it here so that our members can see all the different results and even see when some srs get caught giving bunk or the wrong gear. Im looking forward to seeing all the testing that everyone has.
Thanks fellas and ladies

This is an update on my testosterone levels I just got back today

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I will be posting all my labs next month Will have lots of questions I am sure on what I can to better at

We’re definitely here to help I will be looking for them

Hey guys came across this post. I will attach some blood work that I have. Currently almost 40 wks of TRT. Still playing with dosages. Currently dosing 200mg test cyp every 5 days with 100mg nandrolone decanoate. Also taking 1mg anastrozole every Monday. Going back for blood work in mid April will add those labs too if people are interested. Also placed an order with a sponsor (not sure if naming them is okay?). Ordered RoidTest and will post those results here when kit arrives. Hope this info helps :slight_smile:

Had a question about bloodwork, my last labs came back with elevated hemoglobin and my dr told me to relax for a while and come back in a month for another test. I waited 3 weeks and felt better and started half of my next cycle , only running 200mg deca and 200mg test cyp a week , 50 mg adrol. I’m 48 and need to keep the aches and pain away . Just wondering if anyone has had this problem with their blood work

50mg adrol daily I meant to say

It’s interesting that TRT seems to suppress thyroid as well, as time went on your TSH elevated a bit and t3 slowly decreased…