Been a while but decided to go with it

Well, been pretty much TRT only the last 2 years. And for some reason i decided to run a light micro dose of TrenA. Currently running
400 mg testC and 150 TrenA. .5 Adex every Tuesday and Friday. Doing Mon/weds/Friday 100mg testC 50TrenA Tues/Thursday 50mg testP.
Been running it 4 weeks.
So far noticeable BF reduction around mid waist. Strength back to almost same as 5 years ago. Libido is through the roof. I mean my o’lady is like worn out. :rofl:
Only side affects so far is sometimes I just can’t nut. My o’lady is like. OK. It’s getting sore. Let’s try again tomorrow :rofl:. BP is normal. Sleep is good. Had bad night sweats first couple of weeks. Now not so bad. Was contemplating running 200mg of TrenA a week but since my well being is great I’m just going to run this out till my vacation in 3 weeks. Heading to Cabo. :rofl:.
My normal TRT is 200mg a week of Test C for a baseline. It’s a great old man stack for me. :sweat_smile: I am enjoying the benefits of the stack. Current wt 259. 76” tall. Age; 3 score :rofl:




Very interesting. Please keep us/me posted on this.

You’re doing what I have been contemplating (for years).


Did you tell your doctor?


Not yet. Had blood work done before I started. It was kind of a last minute thing.

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I get the is my pussy trash to you when I don’t finish. So I make sure when not on high amounts of 19 Nors to
Finish as quickly as possible


I’ll have to remember that. Fortunately for my o’lady I think she knows what’s going on. I been there before. :sweat_smile: I told her just enjoy the high hard one and finish before me. :rofl:


Oh I’m sure she will call me a chuckle head. I should be done with this before my next appointment. :rofl:. Some times you just got to go with the flow…. :man_shrugging:


Ha ha


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