Baby Aspirin For Lifters

@TBU I finally re-found this. I brought it up over a year ago and couldn’t reference back to it. Basically, maybe 2 aspirin a day for the bigger fellas.

Researchers led by Peter Rothwell of Oxford compiled the results of 10 clinical trials on aspirin’s primary prevention capabilities, which included stats from over 100,000 people. The researchers analyzed the data for cardiovascular events.

Low doses of aspirin (75 to 100 mg.) were only effective in preventing cardiovascular events in patients who weighed less than 70 kilos (about 152 pounds). Moreover, the low doses had no effect on 80% of the men and 50% of the women weighing more than 70 kilos. The over-70 kilo group required higher doses to reap any benefits from aspirin.

(Incidentally, the researchers also noted that any aspirin-mediated reductions in the rates of colon cancer were also dose-related.)

That means that women (and men) who weigh less than 70 kilos (152 pounds) might benefit from the oft-prescribed one baby aspirin a day, albeit divided into two equal 41 mg. doses and not the coated variety.

People who weigh MORE than 70 kilos, and especially those with more lean body mass like lifters, would be more likely to reap aspirin’s benefits by taking a single 81 mg. tablet twice a day instead of the generally recommended single tablet once a day.


Yes! More posts like these. Excellent post sir.


Got another coming up in a sec. Been working on it for months. Just now got back to it.


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The risk of intestinal bleeding associated with long-term low dose aspirin use has recently been recognized. Many medical professionals believe the cost may outweigh the potential cardiovascular benefit.

I’ve been taking 1/day 5 days per week for over 15 years. Not sure if it’s doing much, however Ive never had intestinal bleeding.


Same here. I take mine with food. I have a very good pcp and he recommended it so I’m going to do it. My blood has been like pudding in the past. I’ve had several serious wounds and that saved me from excessive blood loss. Tattoos are the same.

It’s thinned quite a bit which is good.


It definitely is something that needs to weighed pros vs cons.

For most AAS users the risk is there. Increase in androgens leads to an increase in thromboxane A2.

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Sounds silly but I’m kind of happy to be bleeding like a “normal” person now.

I’ve heard some of the benefits of aspirin particularly taking it before bed had better results in blood pressure and other effects compared to taking it in the morning. Awesome post!