Anyone that has used Omega Sustanon, any PIP?

About to get me some more Omega goodies. Has anyone used Omega Sustanon? Any PIP?

Going to load up on some Test, I love Sustanon but the brand I am finishing up (Juicepal) has been killing me with PIP. Been cutting it with GSO but doses are going up and the volume is getting to be a bit much.

I could opt for Test E or C but they tickle my gyno, Sust is never an issue in that area.

Also while I am here, Omega Primo best I have ever used, Mast E is singing too.


Thought I would update this with my own feedback. 1.5 CC Omega Sust in each cheek yesterday (with some other goodies) and zero pip today.

Freeeeeeedom. Ive been living in pip pain for weeks on different brand of Sust but was determined to finish it.


Glad to hear.
I have a few vials of their gear and will be starting it shortly.


I grabbed a liquid oral.
I was not prepared for the kick at all. Wasn’t expecting that from these compounds. Needless to say I halved the dose the next day.
Good to go fo sho


Wondering if your post was may of this year? Been waiting a few days for a reply from them usually comes faster.

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It was may this year.


Any follow up feedback?

Yes Sir. All was well. Couldn’t be happier.

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