Aminos online

I went to reup my glutathione with Aminos Unlimited the other day and it says the webpage is down. I then search and found the “Aminos Unlimited” has FB page. On there they are offering 40% off all orders for the inconvenience. They ask to send in the order via DM, pay with venmo etc and hopefully their new webpage will be up soon. Apparently its been down over a month. DM’d them and asked if they could send me a verification email from support since I’ve placed orders in the past just to make sure it was legit. They said currently there support email is down too…I’m a bit skeptical. Has anyone placed a order recently this way?


That’s a scam don’t do it has a markings. Site goes down so somebody makes fb account that only accepts Venmo and they have no support.


It’s been several months ago… not exactly sure. But the site was up and there were problems. Everything came through but the site was glitchy.

I hope they haven’t gone under. There several other sites out there that are reputable.

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