Alpha North Labs Touchdown!!

Good day all my fellow jacked guys and girls! I’m here to let everybody know that out in North labs has come through once again I have received my order and I am please with the quality as usual!

This day and age to find legitimate high quality products online can be scarce if you’re not looking in the right place.

Im just finishing up a blast that was 600 a week, for 12 weeks, and now its time to cruise on a lower dose. I put on 12 lbs and kept my diet in check, then i bot injured… hamstring tear.

I do believe thag my recovery was a success and a fast one at that due to the testosterone supplementation as well as Lifestyle Changes.

Anyways thats all! Take care!

250mg test E per ML, no pip, fast and rapid reaponse if any issues do occur. I must say i am pleased!
Check them out !

-A loyal canadian customer for many years.

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I was just talking to someone there in Canada about alpha north a couple days ago. He knew them very well.

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