48 Hour BOGO Sale for Hutech and Saxon

The community has spoken! We’re launching our Buy one Get One Free Sale for Hutech and Saxon brands starting now. Just head over to our website and message our 24/7 Chat support and mention the BOGO deal and they will get you set up. Feel free to mix and match products as long as the value is equal to or less than the purchased product.

Have fun and take advantage of this sweet deal!



Nice. I know people love BOGO here. Jump on it boys!


Thanks. Hope everyone can get a piece of this sweet sale and get to know Saxon and Hutech. They’re definitely quality brands

I don’t know last time I bongos I got burnt bad.

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You feeling ok? How’s training?

Felt better before almost like I’m getting covid again

Sorry to hear that brother. I guarantee we provide the highest quality service and products

We’ve decided to extend our BOGO till the end of the week. Thanks again!

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Edit poppy… please keep this private between you and source

What happened with roidshop?
Can someone pm me?