$35 OFF Labor Day Sale

In honor of the hard working American people, use code: labor for $35 OFF your entire order!!

Don’t forget you can get an additional 15% OFF on top if you use BTC at checkout



Memorial day is for dead veterans…

In May…

I changed your top line to the word Labor,you should changed your other Memorial word,I dont want to screw up your coupon,also I have a lot of dead brothers that I hold in reverence on Memorial Day, shame on you for fuckin that date up.


Completely apologize. I had a major brainfart, definitely meant Labor day but just typed out Memorial. Once again I apologize for my screwup


It’s not 35% OFF! with code: Labor

I hate I missed this. smh

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He puts deals up all the time from what I can tell. Just stay on the lookout

No worries we’ll be having some sales soon!

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