12 Weeks Out ------>>>> NPC National Championshi

Good day hard-chargers,

Hope you all are well after we took time to acknowledge 9/11…

Bless those who were affected and lost a family member during that time.

As of now we’re 12 weeks out from the NPC National Championships in Orlando, Fl Dec 2nd-3rd.

I’m so nervous about this that my heart starts beating fast when I think about it…

(dumb questions, is that anxiety???)

I won my weight division at Jr Nationals in Chattanooga, Tennessee earlier this year June 15th-17th. I hope to do well at this upcoming show as the top 2 in each category will receive their Pro-Cards.

I know this does not happen over night, I know this takes years and years of work and preparation. I do not think that I’m better than anyone as I know the hard-work it takes to get to this point.

At the end of the day though, I would absolutely love to garner the coveted Pro-Card and prove to myself that I can compete with and beat pros.

I just started 2 -A-Days yesterday…

Lifting in the am (arrive to gym @ 03:40) and then treadmill/stair-master in the evening time. (arrive at gym @ 19:00)

I think I’m going to drop carbs when I’m about 8-6 weeks out.

Posing is going well, I do however want to further enhance my posing as a judge told one of the trainers that I’ve worked with in the past that the reason I didn’t win the overall show was because my posing needs a little work.

(side-note) I was so disappointed at Jr. Nationals…

I didn’t give a fuck that I won my weight division, I wanted to win the entire fucking show. I knew deep in my heart that I was better than the overall competitors.

Once that judge told that to the trainer I worked with that let me know I was ready but just needed a little work. So with that being said I’m taking posing to the next level. Really focusing on accentuating certain body parts during posing that are my strong areas.

I will continue to keep you all updated, I’m also trying really hard not to look at pictures of previous winners at NPC Nationals. I don’t want to get down on myself and think I’m not good enough, as this is what happens when I look at past winners.

I have updated pics, I just haven’t blurred out face as of yet.

You guys stay blessed, and thanks for giving me a place to talk about lifting and many other topics comfortably without being judged. I greatly appreciate it, because as a 36 year old man, I still to this day feel like I don’t fit in with those in society, that could also be the PTSD but that’s another story.


P.S. I’ll have pics uploaded manana, apologies for any grammatical errors. Ya’ll stay blessed.


Good luck man! I’ll be following along


Fuck yeah brother I’m 12 weeks from planning next meet


What’s up motivator?!

I can see a pro card in your future…I just know it!

Please keep us posted.


Good luck bro! Easy money


Good luck bub. I feel like you’re going to get that Pro Card


I’m excited! Can’t wait to hear how you do! Good luck!


Updated Pics From Yesterday

This was Jr. Nationals…

I need to look better than this, I need to be tighter and posing needs to also be better. Extreme tunnel vision at this point… No matter what happens, I’ll know that I gave my absolute all.

This is pertaining to training, dieting, posing, having a positive attitude, and seeking God to help me get through it all.

I’ll keep you all posted, and may we all continue to motivate each-other.


(Sorry for grammatical errors, if any at all)


No shame in getting beat…just don’t lose…


This brother. Keep
The good attitude.


You look incredible bud! Keep up the fight! You got this


Good luck. I’m shooting for that show next year



10 Weeks & 3 Days…

Just gonna keep pushing and hope for the best here.

Those who compete, and those who’ve earned Pro-Card, please critique me, let me know what you see that I may not see. As far as bettering my posing.

As of now I’m lifting in the am, then later in the day I pose by holding each pose for 30 seconds X 3 sets each.

From there cardio in the evening time, which includes Treadmill for 30 mikes, and Stairmaster for 30 mikes. Gonna be upping both to 60 minutes each when 8 weeks out.

I hate how the right side looks as far as the tatted side. It’s looks so under-developed in comparison to the other side. Especially the hamstring sweep, when I hit the side chest and tricep.

I am however happy with how the glutes are getting a bit tighter, you can see them forming and coming in. This is due to treadmill on steep incline and stair-master.

I hope you all are well and staying safe, gonna go eat. Ya’ll boys be blessed and cheers to lifting, even in the later stages of life.

(Sorry for grammatical errors)

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Help a brother out


You look awesome brother! I know how your head gets fucked up when dieting and you think you need to continue to push harder and harder. Stick to the plan and cruise into the show tight full ripped and ready to fuck shit up! Best of luck my brother! You look awesome!


You look great. I see what you are Referring to on diff between sides. Nothing to do about that now just focus on your “better” side. I would like to see you twist a bit more on your relaxed side stance in others words bring your chest towards to judges. As for training this is just my 2 cents not k owing what your calories like like. 60 min of cardio plus posing plus training is a lot of overall stress on the body which in turn is jacking up cortisol and possibly causing some water retention. Me personally I like 30 -40 min cardio and a bit less on posing days. Again not k owing your cals and full plan. Just remember that cumulative stress is not your friend in prep. Need to learn to manage training fatigue and it will help you look and feel better.
You look fantastic by the way


That looks pretty damn good for 10 weeks


Thank you brother, 10 weeks is gonna fly by!! I get anxiety just thinking about it. LOL!!!


Thank you bro, I know 60 mikes is a bit much, I just need the glutes to be super tight and dry. I have heard a couple people say watch the water retention from stress on the body.

So as of right now 1800-2000 calories per day. I’ve completely dropped carbs at this point, only 50-75 per day, that’s it.

Keeping Fats and Protein high.

Don’t feel weak until I get done with Treadmill / Stair-Master. lol!! Not cramping up are anything.

Supplementation: Whey Protein – BCAAS-- Psyllium Husk — Niacin —Creatine Hydrochloride — Evogen Super Dry ---- Old School Labs Fat Burner. ------>>>> (Need to throw magnesium in there.)

Isn’t it odd though, the whole thing with the side glute and hamstring sweep looking different per side. I work them shit’s exactly the same…

Thank you for the feed-back gentlemen. I’ll continue to post pics and pick your brains.



Looking good bro. I may be there haven’t decided yet mainly depends on how I do at masters USAs